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Three Little Words

"At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet." - Plato
When a baby is born it knows nothing of the world and its complexity. It knows not of institutions, social hierarchy, or political correctness. The newborn child knows not even of its own existence. However, as the cord is cut and the child is given to the mother, the child begins to understand the most fundamental aspect of the human experience. That is, the sensation of the feeling known as love. 
       As time passes and that child grows into adulthood, that blissful ignorance of life is no more. The evils of the world have fallen upon the eyes of that once-child, and has stripped it of its innocence. 
 Lost inside the sometimes dark travels, that once-child carries the lovely sensation in the background of its heart. It takes the sensation with it through the hills and the valleys, through the sunshine and the rain. It is carried within the once-child not as a once felt feeling in decay, but as a power in hibernation.