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Top Ten Takeaways From 2018

The year 2019 has just begun. As the world celebrates the new year, people all around the globe dream of a fresh start. Dreams of health, wealth, betterment, and happiness fill the minds of many. New opportunities, experiences, and ideas are quietly building within the circulation of these dreams.  However, many will fail to realize these hopes because they takeaway nothing from the previous year, and remain the same while expecting a different result. Only by learning and developing from previous experiences, can we expect a better result.  In honor of these dreams, I have put together a list of the top ten takeaways from 2018, based on my own experiences and perspective. It is my intention to share what I have learned, in an attempt to help those who have not yet learned/experienced such concepts. In 2018, this is what I have taken away.

1. Mindset- Attitude is everything. Nobody appreciates a bad attitude, and far too often we look at what is missing rather than what we hav…