Walk Away From The Status Quo

"Today, our very survival depends on our ability to stay awake, to adjust to new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change."

   Throughout the course of human history, each generation has been given the task of questioning the ideas of the day. Time and time again, people have fallen victim to the collective paradigm of the masses. Allowing themselves to give up their own mental sovereignty, by aimlessly following the ideas which are considered "true" by most of society. To go against these ideas are considered taboo, and result in a certain degree of social exclusion. This prevents many from even the attempt to think for themselves.

   In some aspects, the status quo can be good. It can provide a certain social order, necessary for civility. However, if the status quo remains unchallenged for too long, the results can be devastating. Such as the time, when 17-million individuals lost their lives, when the people of Nazi Germany refused to challenge the status quo of "Aryan Supremacy".

   In order for us to grow, we must continuously pursue new ideas and ways of thinking. Like the way technology develops over the course of time, so should our thoughts. Unless technology and philosophy can approach an equilibrium of degree, we will have futuristic societies with primitive ideas. The bar is set high for the young people of today, as they must grow and develop at a faster rate than the previous generations before them.

   The idea of questioning the status quo is the lifeblood of human progress. Yet, new ideas remain controversial until they become accepted enough to become status quo, where again they must be challenged to bring about even further progress. In every generation, there will always be those who lead the pack, and those who follow. There is nothing wrong with following good ideas, as long as you are the leader in your own life. Meaning, whatever person you end up becoming, make sure that it is because you choose to be that person, and not because you surrendered your own sovereignty in the hopes for the approval of others. Living somebody else's life is a high price to pay for acceptance, so walk away, and live your own life.

   Go ahead, read the books. Examine the ideas. Contemplate the thoughts. Reason with yourself using logic and honesty. Set your own pace, and adapt to any gaps that may appear. Keep analyzing yourself and the world around you. Evolve into something unique, someone that is your own. Challenge every thought, until only the truth shall remain. Walk away from the status quo, and set sail towards your own truth.