"Why I Chose Not To Go To College"

My name is Max Tenin. I am 19 years old, and I am from Cave Creek, Arizona.
Over the course of the last 5 months, I have been writing on subjects concerning philosophy,
personal development, and human nature.
These writings are a collection of some of my thoughts, ideas,
and influences.

I also happen to be a college opt-out.

The decision to not go to college has proved to be controversial in 2018 America.
The youth of this nation are told from a young age, that college is where you go
if you want to be successful.
To be capable and choose to not go is considered blasphemy by much of society.

I have had several dozen people approach me and ask, “Why I would do such a thing?”
I have even sat down with teachers, friends, and family members for hours at a time,
with them pleading with me to reconsider.

I have had responses ranging from reasonable understanding
to full on anger and frustration.

I am writing this article in an effort to explain and communicate my thoughts
and feelings not only on college, but on how I see life, and what Better Sail is all about.

To put everything into a clearer perspective, let's rewind the clock to December 2017.

As I was approaching the last semester of High School, I was engulfed in anxiety about
my future.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life, and I felt as if I was running out of time to
make a decision. Just about everybody I knew was going to college, so I applied
to a few schools to see what doors would be open for me.

Meanwhile inside of my head, I was lost.
Not only did I not know what I wanted to do, but I honestly didn’t really know who I was.
This sense of not-knowing led to a personal conflict within myself.

I knew that something had to be done. So, I started searching. I started looking for something,
anything that could help me overcome this inner conflict.

In Matthew 7:7 it is written; Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock,
and it will be opened to you.”

As I sought clarity, sure enough I found it.

It was an early Sunday morning around 1 A.M. Like most of us,
I stayed up too late getting lost
in the void known as YouTube.

As I was scrolling through the related videos sidebar, a
video caught my attention. It was a 32 minute video titled,

Naturally I was curious, but also very skeptical. I decided I
had nothing better to do at that hour,
so I clicked on the video.

It was an audio recording from the year 1957 by broadcaster Earl Nightingale,
called “The Strangest Secret.”

I’ll be the first person to say that it did in fact change my life.

This recording caused me to have an epiphany. It was at that time I realized
how important mindset is, and how human beings are able to achieve so much more than they
think they are capable of.

I grew curious. If just one recording can cause such profound enlightenment, is
it possible that more could be found through the consistent search for wisdom?

The answer is a big, fat, yes.

As I kept searching, I kept finding. Developing slowly everyday, with the
occasional breakthrough.

My greatest breakthrough came after hearing the words of Jim Rohn as he broke
life down into a simple metaphor:

Do not wish for a better wind, the key is to wish for the wisdom to set a better sail, utilize
whatever wind blows your way to take you wherever you want to go.”

From this quote spawned the seed to the Better Sail philosophy.

That is that life happens to all of us,
and no matter how hard it hits, there is always a best path forward.
This is known as The Better Sail.

It is the best possible action an individual takes in any situation,
to bring about the best possible outcome. Through wisdom and its best application,
all problems can be figured to their fullest extent.

As my thoughts developed, so did my actions. I noticed I was developing, and it was
showing in the things that I attracted into my life.
By February, I graduated High School early, and received a major job promotion.
The quality of my relationships with people grew, and it was as if every
aspect of my life grew better.

As time continued, I began to have specific realizations surrounding the questions;

What do I want to do in this life?
What do I want to become?

I knew at some point in this life, I would see it all flash before my eyes. When
that day comes, I knew that I would want to look back on life, knowing I did
all that I could to accomplish my purpose in life.

I believe that everyone's individual purpose is to accomplish their dreams.

Purpose calls you in the form of your dreams, daring you to pursue. The unfortunate
reality is that most people never attempt going after their dreams.

Part of the reason for this is that some people will never even find out who they really are.
How do you know what you want, if you don’t even know who you are?
Going through life latching from thing to thing until you get to the end of the line
and realize you lived somebody else's life.

Another reason for this is fear. Some people know who they are, but they fear failure.
Or they fear the opinions of other people. So, they never take that first step.
They live a life of “what-ifs” and “what-could-have-been's”.
Playing it safe, accepting mediocrity, and becoming a product of others.

It is important to remember one thing. How an individual sets their own sail is
dependent on where they wish to go.

As I became aware of who I was, and what my dreams were, I knew I had to make a choice.
Take the common path, or pursue the path of my dreams.

Though college is the vehicle used for some to pursue their dreams, I knew that it wasn’t
the vehicle for me. So I made my choice, and I can truly say that I am satisfied.
Not just with myself, but with life in general.

There will always be adversity and there will always be challenges.
The idea is to develop yourself to become bigger than those challenges, and utilize
whatever life brings to make the best of it.

As far as we know, we only have one life to live.

Refuse to live it as anyone other than yourself. Make sure that whatever you become,
it is a product of your own conclusion.

Wherever your heart takes you, I wish you the wisdom to set the better sail.