"Time will pass and seasons will come and go."
- Roy Bean

   The more I have experienced and analyzed life, the more I have realized a simple truth. That is, that the synchronicity of life is that of perfect balance. 

   Like the day is to the night, the good is to the bad. Without day, we would not know night. Without night, we would not know day. 

   Like the season is to the year, circumstance is to the life. The seasons will come and pass, but sure enough they will return in due time. 

   Even in the darkest winter there will be day, and in the brightest summer there will be night. You will see more night during the winter, but then again, so shall you see more day in the summer. By the time it takes our spinning planet to take one rotation around the sun, it will have seen an equal amount of day and night. 

   Imagine the concept of a year, and then compare that to a period of your life. Each new year begins within two weeks after the winter solstice, or the darkest day of that year. Since the time of that darkest day, each day following becomes one-minute longer. After the darkness loses the slightest grip, and the light begins to gather strength, the new year shall begin.  

   The new year symbolizes change and the start of something new. Though there will still be dark days ahead, the spring is near. During the spring, great opportunity arises. However, it is only seized by those who take action. 

   The spring is the time where conditions are ideal to plant seeds. These seeds will produce the results which will be found later in the year. During this time it is critical to know what you are planting. Think of these seeds as thoughts, and its cultivation as actions. Without the seeds nothing will produce. Without the proper cultivation, the fruits of your labors may never be reaped. In the spring, you decide what will become of you. 

   In the summer the light shall shine brighter than ever. It is the time to make the most of it all. When the days are long, and the weather is warm, why not enjoy yourself and do as much as you can. During this time, you cultivate and care for the seeds. In the meantime, you experience the things that make life worth living, and have the best time of that year. This is the highlight of each phase of your life. 

    Such as the laws of nature demand, the summer shall turn into the fall. This is the period where things are more realistic. We all can't be on top all of the time. Knowing that the best days of a certain period of your life are behind you, how you see it is the fruit of those seeds. The seeds will produce the philosophy that you shall take into the winter. 

    The winter is the harsh reality of life. Man may try all he wants, but he cannot change the laws of nature. There cannot be up without down, summer without winter, or good without bad. The winter is the time where we are humbled. It is the time where we are pushed. It is the time where we grow. Stay inside and live in denial, but winter will come. How every winter plays out, is dependent upon what is put in. The mindset you develop during the prior seasons of that phase of life, is what will give you sustenance during this time. If your mindset developed, so will you. If your mindset suffered, so will you. Life is all perception. You define it with the thoughts you think everyday, with the actions that cultivate it. If you can't give a little more, how can you expect to get a little more. If you can't learn how to love a little better, how can you expect a better sensation of love? If you can't maintain the sail when the cold storms of winter hit your ship, you cannot expect to sail far. If you can stand guard at the door of your mind at your darkest hour, you can accomplish anything, for the days will only be brighter. 

    The seasons will come and pass, but the sail continues. For whatever season is upon you, set the better sail. 

"When the winds begin to blow, and the skies begin to hail, seek great wisdom as you go, and set the better sail."