Chasing The Horizon

It was a clear starry night on the seas of life. On board of the infamous "Better Sail" was a young sailor and the ghost of his fears. As the waves gently crashed upon the sides of the ship, the sailor and the ghost laid upon the deck staring at the stars in the nights sky.

"What do you think is out there?" said the sailor in wonder. "Do  you think it ever ends?"

"Why do you care?" said the ghost. "You will never be able to see it anymore than your eyes shall permit." 

The sailor stood up and walked towards the edge of the ship. As the sailors eyes began to fall from the graces of infinity, his eyes fell onto the water below him.

"Here I am grounded to this ship upon the Earth, never to explore the beauty of the stars."

As the sailor lifted his nose up toward the distance, his eyes locked onto the horizon.

"But there! I can see with my eyes the kiss between the Earth and the Heavens. Nature may not permit me to explore the heavens, but she doth allow me to touch her lips." 

The ghost looked.

"What over there? Do you know what lies beyond the horizon?  It could be any number of terrifying things. Why would you go over there?

The sailor replied, "I do not know what lies for me beyond the horizon, but if it is even half as beautiful as the stars in the nights sky, then perhaps there is a place on this Earth I can call my own."

"But what if it isn't?" said the Ghost. "What if you venture beyond the horizon and find the waves harsher? What if you find that the are winds fiercer, the nights colder, and the skies dimmer? What if you set sail towards the unknown and find that the voyage was better where you were? 

The sailor stopped and thought.

"Am I really going to keep my ship in the same waters all my life? What is the point of being a sailor if I do not sail? Whether I sail or not, the winds will change. Whether I sail or not, a storm will come. Whether I sail or not, this place we are at this very moment will never be the same as it once was. If there is even a chance that there is something better beyond the horizon, why not chase it?

The ghost paused.

"At least you know these waters. You don't know what to expect. What if circumstance is against you? You would have wished you stayed in these waters. " 

The sailor shouted in excitement.

"If I travel beyond the horizon and find circumstance against me, I shall set a better sail to new horizons. Perhaps they may even be against me too. But if I keep chasing the horizon, at some point, I am bound to find the waters that are destined for me."

"I will not let you!" said the ghost. "You could be heading towards incredible danger!"

The sailor screamed in anger.

"You are but a ghost.You are not real, nor are the words which you speak. You are but a product of my imagination. You can say all you wish to say, but at the end of the day, I am the one who chooses where my ship will sail."

"That may be true." said the Ghost. "But I will always be here beside you, providing commentary along the way." 

The sailor calmed his tone, and spoke softly.

"Perhaps, you are right.But I know that the more you speak, the closer I am to discovering something great."

The sailor then proceeded to firmly adjust his sails towards the horizon. As the ship ventured into the distance on that starry night, the sounds of the ghost began to fade. Not much is certain on where that sailor went, but wherever he is, he sets the better sail.