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But If Not

What is the point of doing good? 
Let's think about this for a moment. 
What benefit is there to pursue virtue? Especially if there is no benefit to oneself? Or even worse, if it is of disadvantage to oneself? Why would one choose to do good rather than anything else? Why would someone choose to be self-less?
Some do good because they believe that there is a god or some higher dimensional being that would want them to. So therefore, they do good out of fear of damnation or disapproval. They do good out of a belief that they will be put into a better place and ultimately benefit from it. 
Others do good in order to avoid scrutiny from others, and win over peoples approval. 
Is this a good enough reason to pursue good, and avoid evil? To avoid pain, and pursue pleasure? Isn't that the definition of a hedonist? 
But they do right. Isn't that enough? Why does it matter what the intention is as long as the result is good? After all, the world doesn't care about your intent…

Chasing The Horizon

It was a clear starry night on the seas of life. On board of the infamous "Better Sail" was a young sailor and the ghost of his fears. As the waves gently crashed upon the sides of the ship, the sailor and the ghost laid upon the deck staring at the stars in the nights sky.

"What do you think is out there?" said the sailor in wonder. "Do  you think it ever ends?"

"Why do you care?" said the ghost. "You will never be able to see it anymore than your eyes shall permit." 

The sailor stood up and walked towards the edge of the ship. As the sailors eyes began to fall from the graces of infinity, his eyes fell onto the water below him.

"Here I am grounded to this ship upon the Earth, never to explore the beauty of the stars."

As the sailor lifted his nose up toward the distance, his eyes locked onto the horizon.

"But there! I can see with my eyes the kiss between the Earth and the Heavens. Nature may not permit me to explore th…


"Time will pass and seasons will come and go." - Roy Bean

   The more I have experienced and analyzed life, the more I have realized a simple truth. That is, that the synchronicity of life is that of perfect balance. 
   Like the day is to the night, the good is to the bad. Without day, we would not know night. Without night, we would not know day. 
   Like the season is to the year, circumstance is to the life. The seasons will come and pass, but sure enough they will return in due time. 
   Even in the darkest winter there will be day, and in the brightest summer there will be night. You will see more night during the winter, but then again, so shall you see more day in the summer. By the time it takes our spinning planet to take one rotation around the sun, it will have seen an equal amount of day and night. 
   Imagine the concept of a year, and then compare that to a period of your life. Each new year begins within two weeks after the winter solstice, or the darkest day of th…

The Pursuit Of Happiness

“Threeessentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”

-Joseph Addison In 1776, rebels from the English colony of America wrote a declaration. This declaration stated their autonomy from the political system of Great Britain, as well as declaring some human truths.
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
These men then fought with their lives in the hopes of winning freedom, so that generations unborn may pursue happiness.
Today, we live in a world dominated by the western beliefs and philosophies of these revolutionaries. We also happen to live at a time where the conditions of man are at a golden age of development and prosperity. Never before has the world been able to live so comfortably, provided adequate access to resources.
Yet, at a time when conditions an…