The Eulogy Of Mac Miller

They’re gonna try to tell you no, shatter all your dreams. But you gotta get up, and go and think of better things.”
-Mac Miller

Malcolm James McCormick was a rapper, singer, and international pop culture icon. He was a self-taught musician who had exceptional talent with numerous instruments, lyricism, and production.  Born in Pittsburgh, PA; he was brought up by a middle-class family. Malcolm would eventually become the poster child for rising to greatness. He went from spitting freestyles at the lunch table to shaking up the music industry in a matter of years. He inspired millions of people all over the globe, and changed music history forever. He was a poet, an artist, and a dreamer. He spoke honestly and openly about his perspective of life. He had many painful experiences in his life, consisting of heartbreaks, losses, depression, and drug addiction. These experiences caused him great pain, and in turn he developed great wisdom along the way. No matter if he was on top of the world, or in a place of midnight darkness, he always spoke how he felt, and tried to improve the lives of others. He is remembered as a kind and good man.

Mac Millers life represents something greater than music. His life showed all the highs and lows in which life brings.  We can learn from his life, and make better use of the future. How you decide to deal with challenges and problems in your life is so much more important than what happens to you. Through the good, and through the bad, he showed that life is ultimately determined by what you do. 

            In life we will all experience things that hurt, and at times it will be difficult. It may even wound the essence of your very soul. But, the experience will make you stronger. The wisdom gained will make you wiser, and the humility will leave you humbled. Seek to cope with pain by taking away lessons from each and every circumstance. Let the pain heal naturally, and build yourself back up. Seek to grow and improve yourself each and everyday, and apply what you have learned from your travels to set a better course for the future.

Mac Miller was the master of his fate, and the captain of his soul. He traveled the seas of life and encountered many great things. He voyaged to remarkable destinations, and had seen sights that many may never see. Through all the storms and turbulence, he left behind a collection of words and sounds that will echo throughout the seas of life for eternity. He was a kid with a dream, who turned it into reality; may he rest in peace thinking upon heavens balcony.

“When the winds begin to blow, and the skies begin to hail, seek great wisdom as you go, and set the better sail.”