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The Eulogy Of Mac Miller

They’re gonna try to tell you no, shatter all your dreams. But you gotta get up, and go and think of better things.” -Mac Miller
Malcolm James McCormick was a rapper, singer, and international pop culture icon. He was a self-taught musician who had exceptional talent with numerous instruments, lyricism, and production.Born in Pittsburgh, PA; he was brought up by a middle-class family. Malcolm would eventually become the poster child for rising to greatness. He went from spitting freestyles at the lunch table to shaking up the music industry in a matter of years. He inspired millions of people all over the globe, and changed music history forever. He was a poet, an artist, and a dreamer. He spoke honestly and openly about his perspective of life. He had many painful experiences in his life, consisting of heartbreaks, losses, depression, and drug addiction. These experiences caused him great pain, and in turn he developed great wisdom along the way. No matter if he was on top of the worl…

The Devil Himself

“Nothing is, unless our thinking makes it so.” -Shakespeare
When the object of discussion unexpectedly becomes present during a conversation, one may say, “speak of the devil”. It is the condensed version of the saying, “speak of the devil, and he shall appear”. This idiom spawns from the middles ages, and was initially used as superstitious prohibition against speaking directly of the Devil, or of evil in general. It was thought that by speaking of evil, one would provoke evil to appear, often with unfortunate circumstances. Now superstitions are often held by unjustifiable belief, and have no actual power, other than the control over the minds and behaviors of believers. However, is it possible that someone could attract to themself the very object of that which they speak?
There is a concept in New Thought philosophy known as the Law of Attraction. Within this concept, it is believed that human thoughts are like magnets for human experiences. The body will follow what the mind thinks,…