The Seeds Of Thought

“…For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”
-Galatians 6:7

Life is but the result of action, dictated by the thoughts that make it so. Such as seeds are to a garden, our thoughts are to reality. The seeds of thought are the precursors to the fruits of our labors. The fruits of our labors are the direct results, from the nourishment of the seeds of thought. How we treat and care for our thoughts, will directly determine the course of our actions. In turn, our actions will create the reality of life we result from it. In simple terms, our thoughts control reality. What we think about and how we think it, determines what we do and who we become. If we wish to reap apples, we must sow apple seeds. If we wish to reap happiness, we must sow the seeds of gratitude and fulfillment. If we wish to reap success, we must sow the seeds of goal obtainment. If we wish to reap love, we must sow the seeds of care and understanding. Whatever we wish to reap, we must also sow. Suppose you wished to reap oranges, but you sow the seeds of apples. In no possible reality will you ever obtain oranges from those seeds, you will only obtain apples. Suppose you wished to reap positivity, but you sow the seeds of negativity, you will only obtain negativity. In order to obtain anything you want in life, you must have the appropriate and corresponding thoughts, behind your intention. Once thought, you must take the appropriate and corresponding action. If your thoughts are inappropriate to the desire you wish to fulfill, your desires will remain unfulfilled. It boils down to our discipline of staying true to ourselves. If you can’t stay true to yourself, how are you supposed to stay true to those around you? If you can’t stay true to those around you, how can you expect them to stay true to you? By staying true to yourself, the reality you visualize for yourself will become true. John Kennedy once said, “Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. And man can be as big as he wants. No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings.” All things are possible to him or her who believes that they have the capacity to make it so. To reap desired results, we must sow the seeds of belief and appropriate action. It is my own belief, that we are all deserving of our deepest and most cherished dreams. Thus, we owe it to ourselves to stay true to ourselves. So plant that seed, and nurture it.  Care for it along every step of the process. Protect it against all forms of interference, and watch as that seed grows into the beautiful fruit of reality. When the winds begin to blow, and the skies begin to hail, seek great wisdom as you go, and set the better sail.