The Process

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”
-Mark Twain

     The dreams and ambitions that crave our attainment are nothing more than an effect. The actions and principles that are ideal for the effect are what are known as the cause. Tony Robbins once said, “There is no such thing as failure, there is only results”. Before a butterfly first roamed the skies, it was but a caterpillar. By initiating the cause, being the process of metamorphosis, the simple caterpillar becomes the butterfly. The form of the butterfly is the effect of the cause of the process of metamorphosis. Suppose the caterpillar never set in motion the process, being metamorphosis, the caterpillar will remain for the rest of its life in the form of the grounded caterpillar. Never to fly, the tragedy of the caterpillar lies within the cause. Too often individuals will focus on what they want, instead of how they wish to get it. There is always a process in any undertaking. Determining the necessary cause, and trusting in the process will achieve the desired result of the effect. However, there is one catch to the formula. You have to take action. The simplicity in starting is the decision to take that first step. All great marathons of accomplishment were started by that simple first step. One step turns to two. Two turns to four. Soon miles of distance will be crossed. Until ultimately at the end of the process, an individual metamorphosis will have taken place. With each marathon of accomplishment, the next will become easier. Time by time, and within the process, great things can be achieved. The results of obtaining those things we crave will bring deeper satisfaction than even known possible. When the winds begin to blow, and the skies begin to hail, seek great wisdom as you go, and set the better sail.”