The Power Of Perspective

“The only thing you sometimes have control over is perspective. You don’t have control over your situation. But you have a choice about how you view it.”

- Chris Pine

      In the endeavors of life, we will always be the inheritors of circumstance. Circumstance, can be compared to the great force of nuclear energy. It is there whether we wish it so or not. Like nuclear energy, how we use it will determine the results we obtain from it. The power of nuclear energy can be harnessed and used to make an atomic bomb, the strongest and most deadly force known to man. It has the potential to wipe out civilizations of people, destroy ecosystems, and pollute lands for tens of thousands of years. However, the force of nuclear energy can also give an abundance of power and electricity to billions of people. It can help bring light to those who have only known darkness, and help connect humanity in the digital age. Nuclear energy is neither good nor evil in itself alone. It is but the intention behind the action, which determines the correspondence of the result. Likewise is circumstance. It is neither good nor evil in itself alone. From our own perspectives is where we evaluate and label the situation. Of course, certain circumstances or situations are more fortunate than others, but how we ultimately view them will determine the result we obtain from it. By viewing and labeling any situation in negative correspondence, we will receive negative feelings from it, and be affected negatively. By viewing and labeling any situation in positive correspondence, we will receive positive feelings from it, and be affected positively. Simply put, we cannot control the circumstances that we inherit, but we can control how we respond to them. Our circumstances do not define who we are, but our responses to them do. By making the best of every situation, we can live our lives to their fullest potential. When circumstances aren’t in our favor, we can learn valuable lessons, so that in the future, we can set better sails. When circumstances are in our favor, we can appreciate them for what they are, and figure out a means to obtain more of them. Perhaps when we don’t get what we want, we can grow faster as people, and appreciate life more. It is ultimately gratitude for what we do have, that will make our lives happier and more worthwhile. The winds of circumstance, and the waters of life may tempt the course of ships. However, how we choose to set our sails will ultimately guide us to the destinations that we desire. When the winds begin to blow, and the skies begin to hail, seek great wisdom as you go, and set the better sail.