Set The Better Sail

We are the masters of our fates, and the captains of our souls. We are explorers of the seas of time and space. We are travelers of mankind, and students of the universe. Setting voyages across great distances, with our bodies being our vessels. We are burdened by the winds of change and circumstance. Threatened by the storms of misfortune, and guided by the heavenly force of our hearts and minds. Sailing onward with no alternative, we become seasoned sailors in the journey of life. Throughout this quest, we gain wisdom from the seas of experience, and knowledge from the lessons it has given. Like any successful voyage that has ever been set, a destination was determined before the ships left the harbor. Our travels in life however, are much different. The moment we were born into this world was the moment our ships left the harbor. At that point in time and space, we didn’t have any capacity of the sea of experience, so therefore we couldn’t have any possible idea of where we wished to sail. Think of a newborn baby like the captain of a ship pushed off harbor. A captain without any idea how to sail a ship, or knowledge of the seas. Even the thought of such a captain seems dangerous and absurd. But with every inch of water this ship treads across, this captain will gain experience of the sea. Against all odds, this captain will eventually figure out how to guide the ship. Likewise, we are born into this world without any knowledge of it. With each passing day, we become more and more familiar with the world in which we live. Though our ships may be ever so slightly different in the composition of materials it was created from, our ships will all set sail. This is what can be called the “Sail of Life”. One of the only actual differences between our ships is the perspective of the captain guiding it. No two captains will ever see the waters of life in the same way. Our experiences are unique to ourselves alone. Our personal journeys and endeavors will never be seen in the same light from another’s perspective. From each captain, from every ship, all sails will be justified from ones own perspective. Meaning, that every person in the world will believe that his or her actions are justified. Those who do wrong will always justify their actions in the moment of action. It is my personal belief, that once we understand this concept, we begin to understand the nature of humanity. After all, we are all just fellow sailors mandated by a greater force to sail across great seas. However there is one other thing, which will differ between us. That is the sail in which we set. To quote the late Jim Rohn, “It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go”. Meaning, the destinations that we will end up at in life, will be solely determined by how we conduct ourselves. There are those who believe that their lives are defined by circumstance. They believe they are the product of what happens to them. They believe that their ships are guided by the wind alone. Imagine this:  A ship is pushed off of a harbor with no one on board to guide it. No mapped plans, no aiming point, and no destination in mind. We can all agree that this ship will almost certainly never reach any great destination. Likewise, by believing that we are defined by circumstance, our ships will never get us to the destinations in life we desire to go. Therefore, it is up to each and every one of us to, “SET THE BETTER SAIL!” By utilizing any wind, and weathering every storm, we can ultimately arrive at the destination of our dreams. By aiming to become our highest and greatest self, all things are possible to those who believeth. So, master your fate, and pilot your soul. Make your adventures of this incredible world everything you have ever dreamed of.  When the winds begin to blow, and the skies begin to hail, seek great wisdom as you go, and set the better sail.